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Hyderabad: As countries across the world, opens up after Lockdowns, there is one thing which has to be the accepted, the Covid-19. As we open up to live with Corona, words like Sanitizing, Disinfecting, Cleaning will be some of the most important parts of our lives. 

The Pandemic Covid-19 has casted an environment of fear among Public, the World has developed fear of Viruses, penchant for Cleanliness, which has created an affinity towards Sanitizers, Masks, Face Shields, Etc. but what about the Toilet Hygiene. Toilets are One of the Most essentials for any Human being on Earth, but the Hygiene, Sanitizing, Cleaning, Disinfecting are all together compatible with the Word “Public Toilet”, mostly say “No” but we at Ixora FM Say a big “YES”.

Ixora FM is proud to Introduce the First of its kind in the World, a Patented Revolutionary Innovation “Loocafe-2.0”. Which not takes care of your Hygiene but helps you get Sanitized, Cleaned & Hygienic when you walk out of the Loocafe 2.0.

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Abhishek Nath CEO Ixora FM &Founder Loocafe said “We are proud to introduce of our Patented & Revolutionary Toilets “Loocafe-2.0” – The Need of the hour, considering the Pandemic-“Covid-19”, we have specially developed The Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Toilet Environment called “Loocafe-2.0” which are ISO, FDA & CE Certified.

The Word Public Toilet always present you with gory images of Unhygienic Toilets, but that concept is been revolutionized post introduction of “Loocafes” across the country like India, we received heavy praises from Public and were even awarded multiple times for enhancing the scenario of Public Toilets in India. He added the Pandemic Covid-19 has brought in loads of challenges and this is where we brought in the concept of Loocafe 2.0, Yes the revolution in the Public Toilets during the Pandemic.

Necklace Road Loo Café receives thumbs up

He added “Loocafe 1.0” garnered praises from Govt. of India & Govt. of Telangana, we thank the Govt. of Telangana and the young Minister of Telangana Mr.K.T Rama Rao who instilled confidence in us in making Loocafe 1.0 a grand success,”.

Mr. Abhishek further said “the loocafe 1.0 initiated under PPP with the Govt. of Telangana in India bagged many recognitions and awards one of them being the “CII -Most Innovative Company Award in 2019”. It was the success of Loocafe 1.0, which made us innovate further and considering the current world atmosphere we have Designed & Developed the Most Innovative Public Toilets in today’s time”.

Our main focal points at Loocafe 2.0 are

  • Maintain Social distancing
  • Proper sanitization from outside to inside
  • Ensure Women hygiene 
  • Minimize any health risk at public toilet
  • Regular monitoring and cleaning schedules
  • Develop an Antiviral and Antibacterial, luxurious loo solutions.

What is Loocafé 2.0 public toilet and How its different?

When most of the public toilet fail to implement the standard hygiene and safety precautions, Loocafé 2.0 is intended to come up with an innovative and path-breaking solution, to develop anti-viral and an anti-bacterial toilet environment. This Free2Use public toilet solution has taken an unusual step to stop health hazards due to unsanitary conditions and is trying to fix the biggest post Covid-19 World’s Challenges. Also, often in public toilets, women and children need special considerations to stay protected from harmful germs, which gets overlooked. We at Loocafé 2.0 has taken a step ahead to keep women hygiene on top along with men, with the high comfort level.

What different are we doing?

At Loocafé 2.0, we are taking care of every aspect to ensure the best protection with anti-viral & anti-bacterial featured-packed Public toilet. 

  • Sanitize– We are ensuring the sanitization from the first step. At Loocafé 2.0, we help individuals to get sanitized from the entrance and ensures that each person gets sanitized through our specially designed zero chemical Mist nozzles & water pumping (2.5Ph water) system. Its high motion sensors, sync a person, and micron-level nozzles start misting and disinfect a person in just 30 seconds.
  • Shoe Disinfection– No one has ever thought to disinfect the shoes/footwear in a public toilet, isn’t it? Shoe disinfection is the most ignored part when it comes to safety. At Loocafé 2.0, we have Specially designed horizontal perforated surface that removes dust from shoes, with its high-end vacuum beneath, even before entering the toilet. Sucking dust from the shoes at the entrance concept is the first of its kind in the Indian Public Toilet history, which is a significant step toward sound hygiene practices.
  • Door Knobs (Copper & UV) -As we never compromise with hygiene & ensure the best protection, Loocafé 2.0 uses copper door-handles & knobs to prevent the transmission of harmful germs via surface transmission. Door handles and knobs are most contactable and infected objects in a public toilet, special precautions are taken sanitize them. Our specially designed door knobs, handles and WC Seat are self-disinfected & prevent any kind of germs, virus and bacteria by exposing them to UV rays. These UV lights are placed ergonomically around the surfaces area to kill germs and bacteria and ensure safety. 
  • Floor Hygiene-Loocafé 2.0 advanced Floor Hygiene concept has made the biggest breakthrough with 30 mins self-disinfecting method in toilet hygiene World – with Ergonomically crafted and Self disinfecting floor. The toilet floors have three-layer protection with smart bled of Copper, UV, & Metal perforation with high-end nozzles. All systems are IoT (interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines) enabled wand has a high-end exhaust system. That ensures minimum user contact and, maximum hygiene.
  • UV – With the innovative concept, Loocafé 2.0, maintain hygiene with a unique feature to protect the person using the Urinals or WC, in just 20 seconds with the integrated UV lights. It ensures all the grime from footwears does not remain on the floor surface.
  • IOT Based Mist – Exhaust Along with its 3Fold specially designed exhaust system, Loocafé 2.0 enables to exhausts indoor air to the outdoors and keeping the proper flow of fresh purified air.


Does using water at public toilet make you nervous? Water is a proven carrier for germs and bacteria and is capable of infecting you badly. Now you don’t need to hesitate while washing your hands, as at Loocafé 2.0, we maintained the specially designed World’s First Public toilet water system that convert normal water into 2.5PH chemical-free, Anti Viral&Anti Bacterial water. 

Mobiles have become an essential part of our life, and most of us frequently use it while using the toilet. But we forget that mobile phones are a castle of germs and bacterias. As your overall safety is our concern, Loocafé 2.0 allows you to disinfect your smartphone with sanitation POD with UV lights.

Important takeaways

  • With ISO-9001, FDA & CE Certification, public toilets are becoming more Vocal for Local.
  • Our prefabricated structures become ready to use in just after a day of installation.
  • First Free2Use Public Toilet with high standards hygiene & maintenance.

The need for maintenance of personal hygiene arises and becomes a global concern. A small step towards everyday hygiene can reduce the risk of common infections by 50 per cent. Loocafé 2.0 is all set for a breakthrough in Urban Sanitation with its anti-bacterial solution to ensuring your safety.

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