Video: Woman drives bus for 10 km after driver suffers seizure

Pune: A 42-year-old woman showed her presence of mind by taking control of a mini bus, carrying women and children, after the driver suffered a seizure in Maharashtra’s Pune district, an official said on Saturday.

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A video of the incident, which took place on January 7, has gone viral on social media.

The woman, Yogita Satav, was travelling with other women and children after picnicking at an agro-tourism centre in Shirur near Pune.

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The driver showed signs of a seizure and stopped the vehicle in the middle of a deserted road.

As the women and children in the bus started panicking and crying, Satav stepped in to take control of the wheel and drove him to a hospital.

“Since I knew how to drive a car, I decided to take charge of the bus. The first important task was to get the driver proper medical treatment. So, I drove to a nearby hospital and admitted him there,” Satav said.

The woman, who drove 10 km, also dropped the other passengers home.

Satav has garnered praise from all quarters, as she showed courage in the face of crisis and didn’t panic.

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