Man survives after Manja slits throat in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A 22-year-old patient, Aayan, suffered from a life and death condition following a deep cut in his neck due to a kite Manja (thread). Cardiovascular surgeons at the Apollo Hospitals, Hyderguda, were able to save him with major surgery, on Sunday.

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Aayan was profusely bleeding from the neck when he was brought to the emergency room of the hospital. Though in a precarious condition, early intervention of the cardiovascular surgical team at Apollo helped in saving his life.

He was rushed to the operation theatre without losing time. He seemed pale and had an abnormally rapid heart rate with reasonable blood pressure. The injury was intense and had severed several blood vessels including the external jugular, thyroid gland, and neck muscles.

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The windpipe too had a cut but the injury didn’t protrude deep inside the airway. Considering the extensive internal injuries, any delay in his arrival and performing of the surgery would have proved fatal. 

Dr. K Venkat Reddy, Senior Consultant & Chief Cardiac Surgeon; and a team of specialist surgeons; sutured the vessels quickly and stopped the severe bleeding. Later, the neck muscles were approximated which helped stabilize the patient. Skin and the subcutaneous tissues were approximated and the patient was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Ayaan has recovered since then and is now conscious, coherent, hemodynamically stable, and has started consuming a soft diet in the ICU.

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