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Manish Sisodia levels allegation against police, shares videos

Manish Sisodia levels allegation against police, shares videos

New Delhi: As Sunday witnessed large-scale violence in the national capital in the name of protest against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act, the identity of real culprits remained elusive. But that didn’t stop politicians from doing what they do best – politicking on an extremely delicate matter.

Manish Sisodia levels allegation

Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, referred to a video where a cop is seen carrying a container, to allege, “BJP is setting fire in Delhi out of fear of defeat in elections. The AAP is against violence of any kind. This is cheap politics of BJP. In this video, see how the fire is being set under the protection of the police.”

In another tweet, Sisodia posted a screenshot of the earlier video, which did not substantiate anything apart from a cop is seen carrying a container. He tweeted: “See this photo .. See who is setting buses and cars on fire… This photo is the biggest proof of the BJP’s poor politics… Will BJP leaders give some answers to this?”

If that wasn’t all, the AAP leader demanded an “independent inquiry” to find out the real culprits. But in the same breath, he labelled BJP and its “pathetic politics” to be behind it.

BJP too didn’t lose time to hit back. Party’s vice President Bijayant Jay Panda cited Sunday’s violence as reason for bringing in NRC and Citizenship Amendment Act. “The vandalism & arson by “protestors” should make it clear to anyone who still have doubts why #CitizenshipAmendmentAct & #NRC are needed,” he said.

He further added, “These people are far from being the concerned citizens they claim to be. They are anarchists to whom neither Constitution nor citizenship is sacrosanct.”

Giving a twist to the controversy, certain media reports suggested that AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan was present at the protest site. Delhi BJP leader said the violence was his handiwork, by asking, “Arvind Kejriwal, can you explain to citizens of Delhi why was AAP MLA present at the violent protest?”

Political blame game

BJP’s Delhi Chief Manoj Tiwari alleged that Arvind Kejriwal used his party MLA to “instigate” people.

This political blame game continued through Sunday evening, even as a second spate of stone pelting began after 7.30 p.m. No one knows who was or were behind what appears to be an orchestrated attempt of violence. But politicians have decided who the culprit is, depending on who you speak to.

Schools to remain closed on Monday

All schools in Okhla, Jamia, New Friends Colony and Madanpur Khadar area of the national capital will remain closed on Monday, said Deputy Chief Minister of the national capital Manish Sisodia on Sunday.
In a tweet, Sisodia said: “All government and private schools to stay closed in Okhla, Jamia and New Friends Colony and Madanpur Khadar area of Delhi on Monday. Looking at the present situation, the Delhi government has taken this decision to close all schools.”
Three Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses were set on fire near Bharat Nagar area as demonstrations against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in the national capital turned violent earlier today. (ANI)

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