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Markaz Nizamuddin issues appeal to attendees of meeting

Markaz Nizamuddin issues appeal to attendees of meeting
Photo: PTI

New Delhi: Delhi Nizamuddin Markaz has released a video message for all those who attended the meeting organised by Tablighi Jamat between March 13 and 15.

Ashraf Sahab of Delhi Markaz in a voice message appealed to all his friends who returned to their cities and districts from Markaz Nizamuddin after 13, 14, 15 to voluntarily get their medical check up done.

He requested everyone not to miss it at any cost. He said, “We should not do anything which can cause harm to us, to our families and to the entire country.” He further added, “Don’t hesitate to get medical check up done, there is no harm or fear in it.”

“It is good for us, for our localities and for the entire country” he claimed.

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