Meet Syed Naseer Ahamed who writes on roles of Muslims in India’s freedom struggle

He started writing and publishing books in 1999 and has 21 books to his credit

Syed Naseer Ahamed was born on 22 December 1955 (as per official Records 01-08-1954) in a farmer’s family in Purini, a village in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. Syed Beebi Jan was his mother and Syed Mera Mohiddin his father.

Naseer had his primary education in Purini and further education in different places like Kavali (Nellore Dist., AP), Narasaraopet, Guntur. (Guntur District, AP), Bhopal (Madhyapradesh) and Chitradurga (Karnataka).

He gave up his government job to practice law. There upon working as a reporter for UDAYAM, a Telugu daily, he rose, in a span of ten years, to the level of News Coordinator in its Vijayawada edition. Later on he worked for a period of six years as the coordinator for Siti Cable Network Private Limited (Vijayawada), looking after its news and legal matters. After that, he joined in VAARATHA, a Telugu daily, as a News Bureau In-charge of its Guntur edition. He took voluntary retirement from the job in 2004 and dedicated himself completely to Travel-Research-Writing-Publication and Campaign activities.

MS Education Academy

Though he started writing in his school days, his poems were first published in 1975 in ‘Maro Prapancham’, a hand written monthly. Later several of his short stories, cartoons were published in 1976 in several Telugu monthly magazines such as ‘Pragathi’, ‘Jayasree’ and ‘Jyothi’. Since then many of his poems, songs, short stories and hundreds of articles on political, social, literary, historical topics, reviews and cartoons have been published.

He worked with his friend V.S.R Avadhani in running hand written monthly magazines MARO PRAPANCHAM and BHERI published from Narasaraopet, Gutur District, AP. He was an honorary / associate editor of various Telugu periodicals published by several social organisations. He edited and published INDIA, a monthly magazine from 2006 to 2011.

He started writing and publishing books in 1999 on THE ROLE OF MUSLIMS IN INDIAN FREEDOM STRUGGLE  in Telugu language and has 21 books to his credit. They are

  1. Indian Freedom Struggle: Muslims
  2. Indian Freedom Struggle: Muslim Women,
  3. Indian Freedom Struggle: Muslim Popular Movements,
  4. Indian Freedom Struggle: Andhra Pradesh Muslims,
  5. Indian Freedom Struggle: Muslim Heroes,
  6. Chirasmaraneeyulu (Brief Biographical sketches of 100 Muslim Freedom Fighters ),
  7. 1857: Muslims,
  8. Mysore Tiger Tipu Sultan,
  9. Shaheed-e-Azam Ashfhaqulla Khan,
  10. Aksharasilpulu (Directory of 333 Muslim Writers and Poets, who are writing in Telugu).
  11. Charithardhulu (Album of Muslim Heroes of Indian subcontinent who fought against British colonial rulers from 1757 to 1947),
  12. Kaviraju Dr Umar Ali Sha,
  13. Kuwait Kaburlu,
  14. Bismil – Ashfaq.
  15. Pandit Ramprasad Bismil – Ashfhaqhullah Khan.
  16. Mahatma Gandhi: Muslim Associates & Followers,
  17. Saviour of Gandhiji : Bataq Miya Ansari
  18. Azad Hind Fouz : Muslim Poraata Yodhulu.
  19. Moulana Abul Kalam Azad,
  20. The First Muslim Lady Teacher of Modern India : Fathima Sheik,  
  21. First War of India’s Independence : Hindu-Muslim Unity.
  22. Charithardhulu / The Immortals (Album of Muslim Heroes of Indian subcontinent who fought against British colonial rulers from 1780 to 1947),

All his books have been reprinted several times. Some of his books have been translated into several languages. Naseer Ahamed’s lengthy essay in English INDIAN FREEDOM STRUGGLE – ROLE OF MUSLIMS found place in the collection of essays published by Alighar Muslim University. This essay was published in the special souvenirs of several organizations and periodicals.

With the sole aim of spreading the information about Muslim Freedom Fighters in Indian Freedom Struggle to every nook and corner of not only India but also the world, he is organizing EXHIBITIONS OF THE PORTRAITS OF FREEDOM FIGHTERS OF INDIA throughout India on invitation of different organizations and persons. With the cooperation of various organizations and friends NAME STICKERS and CALENDARS with the pictures and details of Indian Muslim Freedom Fighters are being printed in bulk and distributed free of cost among students and public.  BOOKLETS with the information of those freedom fighters who made their mark in the freedom struggle have been printed in bulk and distributed throughout India as a gift to readers with the active support of friends. Visiting card size SPECIAL CARDS, on which pictures of the selected freedom fighters with their brief information are being printed in bulk and distributed among the interested throughout the country. .

For the last 15 years, Nasser has been sending PDF files of all his books free of cost to all on request. So far he has sent the PDF files to thousands of interested readers through Whatsup and Telegram apps. He got two WEBSITES and one Blog (,, ) developed to make it easy for anyone to download his books.  Naseer has been making use of all these modern means of communication so as to make the historical information in  his  books on the role of Muslims in Indian Freedom Struggle  reach lakhs of readers in India and abroad. Naseer has been striving hard for the past 22 years to popularize, the sacrifices made by the courageous sons and daughters of India among people in general and youth and children in particular. Naseer Ahamed is, probably, the only person in India who, besides writing books and articles, is propagating the knowledge of this exclusive subject i.e THE ROLE OF MUSLIMS IN THE STRUGGLE FOR THE FREEDOM OF INDIA through different novel methods and exhibitions for the last 22 years.

Naseer is a man of many arts. Besides being a writer, he is an actor, painter, cartoonist, orator, journalist, lawyer and social activist. He has received a number of awards from regional and national organisations. He was honoured by several organisations in India and abroad. He participated in hundreds of international, national and regional conferences, seminars and symposiums on invitation. Writing with a zeal for the democratization of knowledge, Syed Naseer Ahamed aims to contribute his mite as a writer in building a secular, socialist, democratic, egalitarian society.

(His Contact No. + 91 9440241727, Mail:

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