Mehmood Pracha addresses on YouTube channel

Mehmood Pracha on his YouTube channel says that OIC has issued a strict warning about blaming the spread of Coronavirus on Muslims and the passing derogatory remarks on Muslim women in our country. He says our member of parliament Surya sahab and one of the most senior members of BJP Subramaniam Swamy are also involved. They passed sacrilegious remarks on the sanctity Ka’ba, which forced the Islamic Middle Eastern countries to interfere and take action. In Middle Eastern countries a public movement has also started against the Manovadis to whom they regard as Islamaphobic.

Pracha says he does not agree that these Manovadis are Islamaphobic. Whether they are Islamaphobic or not it makes no difference for us. But, they are spreading propaganda against the Muslims making them scapegoat for the spread of Coronavirus, creating hatred against them and isolating them. They are doing this with some serious planning to carry atrocities on Muslims which they have already begun.
Prachar is very much concerned about this conspiracy and wants to investigate in-depth whether this planning is confined only to spread hatred against the Muslims or these Manovadis have some other intentions.

In this regard, he puts forward two incidents; first is of the Tablighi Jamaat (TJ), under the cover of TJ the Manovadis are targeting the Indian Muslims making them responsible for the spread of Coronavirus. They have gone to such extent that in the evening press conferences, which take place every day in the parliament they are blaming the TJ and trying to prove the TJs are responsible for spreading virus. The government wants to hide its shortcomings and doesn’t want to accept any responsibility on its shoulders and wants to make TJ responsible for everything.

Prachar states that atrocities on Muslims is not only the purpose of the Manovadis, there are some other intentions of this conspiracy. He adds, at this time, when the entire world is blaming China for the spread of virus, the Manovadis are trying to divert the world’s attention on TJ and other Muslims to safeguard China to benefit it indirectly and hide the Indian government’s inefficiency to control the coronavirus. This is an anti-national activity that has been carrying out by the Manovadis.
He says he already requested the government to investigate in this matter, but until now, no action has been taken.

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He gives the proof for the government’s in efficiency that the Haryana government has said that they have purchased the testing kits on half of the price from Korea than price that Mannovadi pharmaceutical companies have imported from China. He says that it has to be noted that the ultimate authority is the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to approve the price and import of goods.

The second proof he Prachar gives is that the Manovadis who are in the ruling government and also in other parties had put their legs in China’s shoes and conspiring against the Muslims so that the blame for the spread of Coronavirus should be diverted to the Muslim communities China should get a clean chit.

He further adds that lockdown is completely failed, people are facing difficulties for food and water, and unable to visit hospitals for minor ailments. All the beds in hospitals are booked for Covid-19 patients. The patients with minor ailments are not getting proper treatment at hospitals.

He says, apparently it seems all these problems are due the TJ, in fact they are carrying out a huge campaign against Muslims and Islam. Surya sahib and Subramaniam Swamy have already started spitting out the venom.

Prachar states, Manovadis are trying to propagate anti-Islamic propaganda. When these anti-Islamic activities have increased, it is natural that there should be some reaction from the Islamic countries. These Manovadis have persuaded the Islamic countries to react. Because of these reactions there will be huge economic loss to India. India receives foreign exchange of 125 billion dollars every year from the Middle Eastern countries. It is a huge part in making our economy stronger. Without this foreign exchange, our country will be in a huge economic problem. We receive oil from Middle Eastern countries on a cheaper price. If we talk against them and ridicule their religion, then of course, the public in those countries and their government will certainly react. These Manovadis are intentionally indulged in anti-Islamic activities so that there should be some reaction [stopping of oil] from Islamic countries so that India can purchase oil from China. This way they want China to be benefitted

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These Manovadis trying to damage the good relations between India and Middle Eastern countries so China should be benefitted directly so that the business what we are doing now with Middle Eastern countries should go to China directly through China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and India wants to have its share in Chinese economy.

Long before the spread of coronavirus, China has built CPEC which passes through Pakistan and China can export goods directly to Middle Eastern and African countries. Earlier, India opposed this CPEC, but now, they stopped speaking against that corridor.

The Middle Eastern countries have given their prestigious awards to our PM. The awards are not meant personally for the PM, they are meant for our country India to show their friendship with India.

Perchar wants that there should be a debate on this issue, he requests all Amedkarvadis to debate on this issue because this is an issue of our country. He says, this country belongs to Baba Shahab Ambedkar and Ambedkarvadis and not to someone else. The Middle Eastern countries should not think that India belongs to Manovadis. The Manovadis are traitors of India they are the traitors of Indian constitution.

He concludes that all Indians and also the Middle Eastern nations should know that in India we have two school of thoughts—one who follows Manovadis and the second follows Ambedkarvadis. Ambekarvadis are 85% but the Manovadis have taken over the government. Very soon Ambedkarvadis will dethrone them and will rule India. India belongs to Ambedkarvadis. We have already started this movement, Manovadi will be defeated and Ambedkarvadis will emerge as a winner.

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