Message by Hazrat Maulana Mohammed Fazlur Rahim on COVID-19

Hazrat Moulana Mohammed Fazl ur Rahim explained about how to prevent the spread of coronavirus all together.

He also gave some Islamic recitations to observe so that we can overcome this pandemic situation soon.

He asked the ummah to do the following recitations:

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  • Recite the Dua which Hazrat Anas narrated by the prophet twice daily (after fajr and maghrib)
  • Recite Manzil Dua
  • Recite Khatm-e-Mujaddidiya

What is Dua-e-Anas?

This is a very famous and powerful dua taught by the holy prophet hazrath Muhammad to sayyidina anas for seeking the protection of Allah subhal wa taala. Whoever will recite this dua in the morning, no oppressor will be able to harm him or her.

This dua is recited 11 times or 7 times daily after namaz-e-fajr. If this dua is not recited 7 times them 3 times. If not even that, then atleast one time. At the times of cricis, it should be recited 20-30 times.

People should get together and finish it 1000 times. Everyone should memorize this dua whether children or youngsters or elderly people.

What is Manzil Dua?

Benefits of Reading Manzil Dua: Benefits of Reading Manzil Dua, Manzil duais a collection of Ayaat and short Surahs taken from the Quran must be practiced as a remedy for protection and antidote. The manzil dua may be used for protection from several factors which include ruqya from black magic, jinn, witchcraft, sihr, sorcery, evil eye and so forth. It gives a person protection from various other harmful and evil forces. The manzil dua is endorsed to be perused one or three times in one sitting. This has to be performed  more than one time. Ideally, it should be recited once in the morning and once at night. This dua is the best cure for magic and evil effects. This dua is also very beneficial for curing any kind of sickness or ailment.

The famous Muslim scholar of the India-Pakistan sub-mainland Maulana Mohammad Zakariya Ra gathered these verses in a book structure, which were at that point being used in his family as an antidote to evil forces and witchcraft.

Manzil dua for protection

The main purpose for using manzil dua is for protection. In life, a very important thing we all require is protection and safety. Unless we are protected, we are never totally safe and anything can happen anytime which can affect us or threaten our safety. In spite of possessing wealth, family and happiness,  protection is really important. There may be chances that the devil or shaitan may possess you and play tricks with you. You can also be under the possession of the ginn. There so so many dangers all around us and we cannot escape the prying shaitan or the evil ginn and other dangerous forces. It is impossible to make yourself safe from these forces by yourself, as they may attack you any moment. You will not even know when you are being possessed, but you will experience great harm and ill effects in your everyday life. In order to protect yourself from any kind of evil force in life, you should start reciting the manzil dua for protection.  This dua is a very effective method to ensure that all evil forces keeps away from you and that you stay protected.

What is Khatm-e-Mujaddidia?

Reciting Durood 100 times before and after and in between recite “La-Haula-Wala-Quwwata-Illa-Billa” 500 times.

At last he urged the people to serve the humanity irrespective of their caste and religion.

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