Militant outfit behind Pulwama attack enjoys Pakistan backing: Nadeem Nusrat

Washington: Mohajir rights leader Nadeem Nusrat, while condemning the Pulwama terror attack, has put forth that terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed – that claimed responsibility for the attack – enjoys support from Pakistan.

“Pakistan’s incompetent foreign minister may have found the audacity to deny Pakistan’s involvement in this attack, the terror outfit which has claimed the responsibility for this dastardly act clearly enjoys the support of elements within Pakistan’s powerful security establishment. Pakistan has even persuaded China to block multiple attempts at the UNO to designate this group as a terrorist outfit,” the Voice of Karachi (VOK) chairman noted in a statement.

“The great majority of the people of Pakistan neither has any interest in such vicious acts, nor it supports cross-border terrorism. However, it is this majority of Pakistani people which ends up suffering from the consequences of such mindless acts,” he said while referring to the economic state Pakistan currently is in.

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He added, “Indian leadership has vowed in the wake of this incident to isolate Pakistan, but this ship has already sailed, as barring a few exceptions Pakistan has already become a butt of jokes in the eyes of the world community.”

Nusrat further noted that Pakistan has been isolated by the world community due to its own destructive narrative. “Statements over Kashmir attack from the US, Iran, Afghanistan, and many other countries as well as the UN are a clear testimony of a failed and destructive narrative that has left Pakistan badly isolated in the world community and in a dire financial mess,” he opined.

“Pakistan’s economy is on the verge of total collapse and the entire current government is busy begging for Arab and Chinese funds to bail out the country. Unemployment and inflation are skyrocketing. Three out of Pakistan’s four neighbouring countries-India, Afghanistan and Iran- have become increasingly hostile to Pakistan due to its intelligence agencies’ involvement in cross-border acts of terrorism and their overt and covert support for terrorist proxies. Pakistan’s military establishment has also been using these religious extremist groups to eliminate the secular forces in Karachi, Balochistan, KPK and Gilgit-Baltistan,” the chairman outlines.

He also highlighted that both Pakistan and India are nuclear-armed states. “They already came close to the breakout of a nuclear Armageddon over Kargil saga not long ago. The infamous involvement of Pakistan-sponsored non-state actors in Mumbai Attacks had also pitted the countries against each other and had it not been the timely foreign intervention to avert the crisis, South Asia would have faced a disaster of unimaginable proportions” Nusrat said.

“Given Pakistan’s serious financial crisis and the potential grave consequences of such adventurism for Pakistan and its people, it baffles mind as to what objectives Pakistani military establishment wants to achieve by committing such mindless acts,” the statement further quotes Nusrat as saying.

The Voice of Karachi chairman further mentions that it is vital for peace in South Asia as well as Pakistan’s own future to end all overt and covert support for non-state actors and eliminate all safe havens granted to such militant proxies.

He also welcomed the US statement calling Pakistan to take swift action against terror groups operating from its soil. He said that the US has played a leading and decisive role in the elimination of many terror sanctuaries around the world. The people of South Asia are looking towards the US administration to play a similar role to establish lasting peace in the region, Nusrat outlines.

The VOK leader lastly adds that seventy million Mohajirs in Pakistan are standing with the US and the international community to eradicate extremism and terrorism from the region.


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