Minorities feel safe in India, unlike Pakistan: Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday lamented the plight of minorities in Pakistan saying that they are in a constant state of worry over their safety and security.

Singh also asserted that while in India minorities feel safe and secure, those who went to Pakistan after partition are discriminated against till date and are called ‘Muhajir’.

“Human rights violation are going on since long in Pakistan. Those who went to Pakistan after partition are still insulted and termed “Muhajir”. While in India all people feel safe and are respected,” tweeted Rajnath Singh.

“It is not hidden from the world what is happening in Pakistan with the Sindhi community, Sikh community, Balochs, and other minority communities. Pakistan which is raising ‘Human rights violation in UN Conference’ should first look at what is happening in their country,” Singh said in another tweet.

He said that if Pakistan doesn’t leave its policy of terrorism then it will disintegrate into several pieces.

“Our neighbour should leave its policy of terrorism else a day would come when it will have to leave it out of compulsion and no power in the world would be able to save it from breaking apart into several pieces,” tweeted Rajnath Singh.

He said that Pakistan has no moral authority to raise the issue of violation of human rights in the UN as the minorities are subjected to human rights violation in Pakistan.

“Talking of Human rights violation doesn’t suit Pakistan where all minority communities are worried about their well being. Pakistan is not able to digest the abrogation of Article 370 by India and is misleading UN.” tweeted Rajnath Singh.

“Pakistan cannot see how people from all communities have lived together with peace in India. The minorities feel safe in India. Minority communities have always been safe, are safe and will remain safe here,” he stated.

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