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Muslim Clampdown: 5 Lakh Uighur children sent to boarding school

Muslim Clampdown: 5 Lakh Uighur children sent to boarding school

HOTAN: Persecution of Muslims in a clampdown against this community across the world is going unnoticed except the only few videos, images of this persecution shared on social media.

The Human rights organisation too seems to have turned a blind eye to these genocides occuring in Syria, palestine or Mynamar.

While India has attracted the world’s attention with against the NRC-CAA-NPR, China’s Muslim persecution continues to haunt the community in the region.

With detention centres built for Muslim ethnic minorities in the clampdown, both, men and women are closed in these detention centres subjected to horrific physical and sexual abuse at the hands of Chinese Army soldiers, TOI reports.

A first-grader who is usually found inconsolable by her classmates, teacher, enquiring a little, revealed the minor’s father is no more and that her mother was sent to the detention camp.

The authorities instead of allowing the girl’s relatives to raise her, the government put her in a state-run boarding school — one of the hundreds of such facilities that have opened in China’s Xinjiang region.

According to reports, millions of ethnic Uighurs, Kazakhs and others have been sent to internment camps and prisons in Xinjiang over the past three years in the clampdown against Islam.

The ruling Communist Party government authorities are also pressing ahead with a parallel effort targeting the region’s children.

Nearly a half-million children have been separated from their families and placed in boarding schools so far according to a planning document published on a government website.

The Chinese government is set to operate one or two such schools in each of Xinjiang’s 800 plus township by next year.

The document further added these schools are off-limits heavily guarded, designed to assimilate and indoctrinate kids at an early age, away from the influence of families.

The State media and official documents describe this kind of education as a key component of President Xi Jinping’s campaign to wipe out extremist violence in Xinjiang.

“The long-term strategy is to conquer, to captivate, to win over the young generation from the beginning,” said Adrian Zenz, a researcher at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington who has studied Chinese policies that break up Uighur families.

The authorities imprisoned Uighur’s educators and instead recruited thousands of teachers from across China, especially Han Chinese, the nation’s dominant ethnic group.

These children at the boarding schools are allowed weekly once visits with family.

The Chinese authorities have characterized Islam religion as a pernicious influence on kids.

According to the document, nearly 40% of all middle-school and elementary-school age kids in Xinjiang Boarding school which amounts to 4,97,800 students.

Ruling party’s top official Chen Quanguo during his last visit in Xinjiang, urged the teachers to ensure children learn to “love the party, love the motherland and love the people”.

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