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NCW condemns Sidhu’s ‘bride who does less work’ comment on Modi

NCW condemns Sidhu’s ‘bride who does less work’ comment on Modi

New Delhi: National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Rekha Sharma on Saturday condemned Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu’s sexist remark comparing the Prime Minister “to a bride who only makes noise with bangles but doesn’t make enough chapattis” and said it portrayed the misogyny of the cricketer-turned-politician.

On Twitter, Sharma wrote, “Strongly condemn @sherryontopp comment. It shows his poor mentality towards women. Does he mean women only make roties and Khankao churies? One side Indian women are breaking every glass ceiling and Mr Sidhu can only see her through his misogynist glasses.”

Earlier today addressing an election rally in Indore, Sidhu said, “Prime Minister Modi is like that woman who makes less chapatis but creates noise with bangles so that neighbours know that she is working hard.”

During the election rally, the Congress leader also called BJP leaders as ‘kale angrez’ (Dark skinned British) and urged people of Indore to save the country by voting them out of power.

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