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Netflix to cut back on depictions of smoking after Stranger Things report

Netflix to cut back on depictions of smoking after Stranger Things report

Washington: Netflix has promised to depict smoking less often in future programming, after facing criticism for smoking scenes in ‘Stranger Things’ season 3.

After an eerie season 2, makers of the sci-fi horror series released the third season on July 4. Just before the new episodes of the insanely popular series hit the streaming platform, an anti-smoking group called ‘Truth Initiative’ released a report pointing out that Netflix depicted tobacco use more often than even cable shows.

The report featured ‘Stranger Things’ as being one of the topmost offenders, Entertainment Weekly reported.

“The popularity of streaming combined with the pervasive rise of smoking in episodic content points to an emerging threat to a new generation of young Americans,” the report read.

As a response to the report, Netflix promised to be more careful with its content and be more considerate towards the young audience. The streaming platform reassured those concerned that it will take necessary action to inform and protect viewers of the dangers of smoking.

The second season of ‘Stranger Things’ landed on the streaming service in October 2017, with critics calling it “bigger, weirder and better” than season one.

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