The new India for you – full of hatred, bigotry, violence and blindness

NEW DELHI: The fact that PM Modi has hopes of winning tomorrow even after the disasters of unemployment, demonetisation, lynchings and fuel prices is because of one reason, The Indian voters. A huge number of Indians are Islamophobes and they count all these issues inferior to the hatred they have for the Muslim community.

No one, and no one will ever vote BJP because of their performance or their promises, their votes will just be for one reason, ‘The hate against Muslim Community’. This Islamophobia is apparent in opposition as well, see the sharp decline in Muslim candidates fielded in 2019.

They don’t mind Modi being a joke coz of the imbecile that he is, They idolize him for what he did in 2002. Even if he comes tomorrow, and claim that he gave idea of ‘Theory of Relativity’ to Einstein, there will just be one noise is the crowd, “Modi, Modi Modi”. Reason for that? Don’t they know he is lying? No! They do know, at least most of them. Still, his remarkable achievement in 2002 is way too bright for any other incident or fact to overshadow it.

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I am in a dilemma myself whether they will form a government or not, and my prediction of being correct is equal to the probability of me being wrong, But one thing what I am convinced about, that BJP has been successful in doing what they came in 2014 for. They have brainwashed and played with the emotions of millions of Hindus, and somehow, they convinced them that Muslims are more important an issue for them, than employment, violence and price hike. Remember, BJP did all their rally on just one issue, and they might get a handsome reward for that as well.

In any other country or for any other party, The whole fiasco could have been career ending, For BJP, it might well become, another term.

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That’s the new India for you – full of hatred, bigotry, violence and blindness.

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