24/7 Commandos protection at UIDAI facility

24/7 Commandos protection at UIDAI facility

New Delhi: The Central Government on Monday regularized Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) deployment to protect confidential biometric and personal information sensitive data belonging to Indian citizens against any possible threats.

80 CISF commandos will now be protecting the sensitive UIDAI data belonging to citizens which are stored in the facility in Bengaluru.

The government has regularised CISF deployment even though it has been guarding the facility since December 2014.

Commandos will be guarding the UIDAI facility that is located in Bengaluru’s Kodigehalli,
round the clock, along with a special team of commandos stationed at positions with a vehicle in case of any attacks. The team will now look out for the entry and exit of the facility.

Though CISF has been deployed to guard the facility since December 2014, the government has on Friday regularized the CISF deployment, Hans Reported.

With rising pressure on citizens on Aadhar submission, Centre’s move to secure the facility by deploying commandos in order to protect the data seems skeptical since the data is submitted across various organizations which do not guarantee citizens protection.