2nd phase of sheep distribution from June 25: Talasani

2nd phase of sheep distribution from June 25: Talasani

The second phase of sheep distribution program will be commenced on June 25 and also preparing guidelines for distribution of buffalos among the farmers relying on dairy production and sale.

Animal Husbandry & Dairy Development Minister Talasani Srnivas Yadav told media persons at Secretariat here. The first phase accounted for providing Rs 1200 cr benefit to 2.38 lakh Yadavas who received about 60 lakh units of sheep. The second phase of the sheep distribution will cover all other Yadavas who are yet to get the units in the state of Telangana.

The Minister stated that the second phase distribution of Sheep units will be commencing on June 25 and benefit all the people of Yadava community. With coordination of police and enforcement wings related problems are being checked by filing cases and taking action he said while admitting some lapses in the process of distribution. The scheme is first of its kind in the country as it helped the majority of Yadavas to improve their economic conditions.

With encouragement to the Yadavas in the state we are able to prevent about 350 trucks from other states. He also informed that some foreign entrepreneurs has shown interest for establishing the slaughter houses in the state, with this there is good chances for export of meat to foreign countries which is in more demand.

Buffalo distribution soon

The officials are finalising the guidelines for distribution of buffalos among the depending farmers. We will bring the buffalo stock from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and other states for the scheme which offers 50 per cent of subsidy. The benefiting farmers will bear Rs 40000 per unit and the rest will be borne by the state government he clarified. The minister also said that the government will extend Rs 4 incentive per litre to four dairies such as Vijaya, Mulkanur, Karimnagar and Nalgonda and there is no need of panic. (NSS)

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