Abandoned by children, old man spends chilly night at footpath

Abandoned by children, old man spends chilly night at footpath
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Hyderabad: One father can take care of ten children, but 10 children can’t take care of one father. This axiom holds true in case of 96-year-old Mallaiah who has been pushed out of the house by his children. Later after intervention by others his son allowed him to come to his house.

According to details, Mallaiah who hails from Vanasthalipuram, Yadadri district, Nalgonda has 5 sons and 5 daughters. One of the sons had left the parents during childhood only, while the other 4 sons are residing in Hyderabad. His youngest son Vishwanatham is mentally retarded. At this age when Mallaiah himself needs to be taken care of, he has to take care of his mentally retarded son. Mallaiah’s wife died 10 years ago. He was with his 3rd son Chandrasekhar for the past one year. His other two sons also used to give some money for him.

For the past few days, Mallaiah was not well, he was facing difficulty in attending nature’s call. The owner of the house in which Chandrasekhar was staying told him that Mallaiah can’t be kept in his house. Chandrasekhar had two options either to quit the rented house or leave his father, he chose the latter. He took his father to his sister, but she refused to take her father in, after that Chandrasekhar took Mallaiah to his brother Ganesh. Ganesh had suffered heart attack and was undergoing treatment at the hospital.

So finally Chandrasekhar left his father under a tree near his house and went away. The old man spent the entire night in cold, he remained their till Sunday morning. He was so hungry and thirsty that he was unable to talk properly. Locals arranged for the meal. Later on receipt of information of an old man lying on foot-path, media persons arrived at the spot and story was aired. With the efforts of all Mallaiah is again at the house of his son.