Abida Khan, held for killing daughter needed psychological help

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NEW DELHI: 27-year-old Abida Khan had penned down her thoughts in a registered days before she allegedly strangled her seven-month-old daughter.

“You people do not love me. My health has deteriorating… I feel anxious and have been panicking. My hands have a burning sensation like someone applied chilli on them. Those who do not believe their daughters, someday the same will happen to them,” reported Indian Express.

The Delhi Police has arrested Abida on September 1 who confessed about the murder claiming to consider the infant daughter responsible for their family’s “medical and financial problems” and sent her to Tihar Jail.

However, Abida was had several medical issues and was under financial stress.

The woman’s parents claimed that their daughter (Abida) had started showing “signs of mental distress” over a year ago and was also taken to Safdarjung Hospital where she was referred to psychiatric evaluation.

“I took my daughter to several local doctors who could not diagnose what was wrong with her. She used to feel like someone was strangulating her. She would feel like she was about to die, and would even try to choke herself. After three visits to Safdarjung, my daughter was referred to the psychiatric ward but her husband took her to a dargah in Budaun instead,” alleged Aslam, father of the accused.

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Considering her death the only solution for elimination of their financial crunch and other problems, Adiba strangulated her neck with the help of a dupatta and killed her.

However, the post-mortem report stated, “the cause of death is fatal pressure over the neck.” Also, as per the report, there was no water in the internal organs of the deceased.

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