Achhe Din : Onion tears :onion price increase by 400 percent in one year

Achhe Din : Onion tears :onion price increase by 400 percent in one year
Photo; ANI

New Delhi: The Onion prices are hovering high with wholesale prices at an all time high by 400 percent increase in prices.

The prices in the retail markets are around Rs 40-50 per kg and this trend has been continuing for more than six months. According to the Agricultural Ministry, there has been decrease in the production of onion this year.

Compared to the last year, when the production was 22.4 million tones, this year the production is expected to be fallen to 21.4 million tones.

The prices are burden on the pockets of common man who was promised of reduction in food prices during polls. Contrary to this, the food inflation in the country has been consistently high than during the previous UPA- era government.

Are these Achhe din for common people?

The main onion markets in the country- Lasalgaon, Pimpalgaon and Bengaluru have seen a dip in their business and the number of vehicles entering the market has seen a drastic decline.

The officials of the ministry of the Agriculture say that the prices will remain high for sometime till the arrival of new crops from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Also due to unfavourable weather conditions including cyclones and formation of low pressure along the west coast, the production of Onion in areas like Sholapur, Lasalgaon, Ahmednagar and Nasik has seen a decline.