Addiction of BMW cars ruined a man’s life

Addiction of BMW cars ruined a man’s life

When it comes to luxury cars, who doesn’t love it? especially the BMW, but not at the cost of ruining your life with an addiction to this luxury.

In a bizarre sequence of events, a guy in the US who goes by the name Terrance had landed himself in troubles by his extreme love for the BMW. His story was first told by David Obuchowski who works as a writer for Jalopnik. The both were neighbors and used to live next door to each other. David knew little about his Terrance, except that he was an accountant with an interest in cars and in particularly BMW.

Terrance doesn’t exactly remember how and when his obsession with BMWs began, but he says it might be after he had purchased his first BMW during the 90s. He had overall 50 BMW’s out of which only 8 were known to his wife. He hid 30 cars at a friend’s warehouse and the remaining 12 were parked in the parking lot of the company where he used to work.

According to what he said, he stole a whopping $320,000 from his employer by issuing himself 125 extra paychecks. And he spent all of it to buy BMWs. When his boss, Byron Chrisman, discovered the financial irregularities in his company’s finances, Terrance was fired immediately. But he still kept his secret from his wife for several months and even pretended to go to work every day. Later he was so depressed that he thought to commit suicide much time during this period, but couldn’t bring himself to do it.

One day his wife became suspicious after seeing a change in her husband had decided to check his phone and to her shock, she found out an email of his boss in which his boss said ‘you are fired’. But even then she supported him and stood by him but when her husband continued to lie to her she couldn’t take it more and left him along with her kids.

He served 26 months in prison and now attending counseling at church. And now he prefers to walk or take public transportation, even though he has got one car. And yes, it is a BMW.




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