Afrazul’s killing: AISF to launch protest in New Delhi

Afrazul’s killing: AISF to launch protest in New Delhi

Hyderabad: On the issue of Love Jihad killing of Rajasthan, leftist organizations have decided to stage an all India protest in New Delhi.

Mr. Syed Waliullah Qadri, President of All India Students’ Federation, in a press statement issued on Saturday condemned the incident and told that it is a part of an organized conspiracy of the RSS. For such incidents, RSS camps are responsible in which brain washing of the youths is done.

Mr. Qadri further told that a protest meeting would be organized at Bikaner House in New Delhi very soon. He appealed to all the secular persons to attend the meeting. He also alleged that the policy of targeting Dalits and Muslims is being controlled from Nagpur headquarters.

He said that a delegation would meet the family members of Mohammed Afrazul. He further told that during the past three years, the atmosphere of hatred has been intensified and the Muslims are being targeted in the name of Gau Raksha, Love Jihad and Vande Mataram. Such incidents are creating hindrances in the development of the country. In order to eradicate such feelings, all the likeminded students’ organization should come to a common platform to start a mass movement.

He also demanded the Government of Rajasthan to accept this responsibility and tender resignation. He appealed to the Govt. to give Rs. 1 crore to the family members of the deceased.

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Earlier, in Udayapur District of Rajasthan, under the leadership of Anjuman Taaleemul Islaam, thousands of people came out on roads demanding capital punishment for all the accused involved in this heinous crime.

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