Ajmer: Two husbands assault each other for one wife

Ajmer: Two husbands assault each other for one wife
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Ajmer: In a surprising incident, two husbands assaulted each other for one woman. Both claimed that a woman by name Kanta Devi is their wife. This incident took place in Ajmer.

According to the report published in Zee News, last year, Kanta Devi married to a man by name Trilok Singh. Again on 13th March, she married to another man, Vijendra Singh. However, both men were not aware of each other’s marriage.

This secret came to limelight when Kanta Devi visited a hospital with Vijendra. Trilok reached the hospital along with his friends and started assaulting Kanta Devi and Vijendra. After a while, Vijendra and Kanta Devi hide in the post-mortem room of the hospital.

Meanwhile, local police reached the spot and took everyone involved in the incident into custody. Trilok and his friends are reportedly booked for the incident.