Al Qaeda likely to carry out attacks in India

Al Qaeda likely to carry out attacks in India

New Delhi: An intelligence report from says the terror group Al-Qaeda is likely to have fresh plans to carry out attacks in India and Myanmar.

The intelligence agency has reportedly tweeted that the terror group has recently released a fresh propaganda magazine about its plans to carry out the attacks in the two mentioned countries.

Times Now could not verify the authenticity or the validity of the intelligence agency’s tweet but this could be a serious alarm for the security agencies in the two countries which could help them to prepare before the war strikes.

Earlier, the terror group in India has previously released a video titled ‘Saffron Terror’, which exhibited the ‘Hindu extremism’ which indicates the group is organizing its operations in India to target this communal violence. The group has been actively monitoring in India.

Over the past one year, PM Modi and US President Trump, both have been reiterating to curb global terrorism.