Alimuddin lynching case: Julekha, wife of key witness killed outside court premises

Alimuddin lynching case: Julekha, wife of key witness killed outside court premises
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RANCHI: The wife of key eyewitness in the Alimuddin Ansari lynching case was killed in an accident in Ramgarh district on Thursday.

Jalil Ansari’s wife Julekha, aged around 50 was Alimuddin’s real sister. Alimuddin’s brother-in-law Jalil, an eyewitness in the murder case, had come to depose before the court on Thursday of October 12.

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Jalil Ansari arrived at the court for the hearing of the case but was told that identification document was mandatory for his testimony therefore Jalil send Julekha Alimuddin’s son Shahzad Ansari (22) to go home and get it.

As the two left to collect the documents and reached a petrol pump, which is few kilo meters from Ramgarh Civil Court, an unidentified bike hit their vehicle that led to fatal accident.

Julekha died on the spot while Shahzad sustained minor injuries and is currently undergoing treatment.

Alimuddin’s wife Mariyam Khatoon and Jalil alleges that this is not just an accident but a “deliberate murder” because Jalil was in the early morining were threatened in the court premises by Right-wing fringe groups with dire consequences if he gave his statement to the court.

On June 29, Alimuddin alias Asgar Ali lynched to death in broad daylight in full public view by a strong mob of more than 100 people for allegedly carrying beef in his van at Bazartand at Ramgarh town in Jharkhand.

After killing the 55-year-old man, the fringe group had also set ablaze his Maruti Van in the busy market place.

A entire video of the incident had gone viral following which police had arrested over a dozen people, including 8 from the Bajrang Dal and local BJP unit.

Mariyam told The Citizen that the family was living under deep fear. “We are terrified of going out of the house. Life has become so difficult and fearful, we do not know what to do, there is no one to protect us,” she said.