Have you seen a fish walk? Here it is

Have you seen a fish walk? Here it is

Tasmania: A small population of fish which walk has been found by a group of scientists off the Australia’s South Coast in Tasmania.

These fishes walk on the sea bed floor instead of swim in water.

The fish is called Red Handfish. Its scientific name is Thymichthys politus. Group 20 to 40 individuals have been found in the southeastern Tasmania.

According to the news reported in India today, the first time these fishes were found was in the 19th century near Port Arthur, in Tasmania. Their size ranges between six and 13.5 cm long.

They have elongated bodies, and to walk they use their pectoral fins in an unusual manner over the sea bed in search of their food. Their food includes crustaceans and worms.

The second colony has been found recently, their habitat is confined to within a radius of 20 metres because instead of swimming they walk on the seafloor.

The findings came when the research was being conducted on reef life by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies of the University of Tasmania.