Not Mark Tully’s article

Alt News found the same article shared by a Facebook user Sanjay Mehra on July 21, 2018, without an attribution to Mark Tully. Mehra claimed in the comments section that the article was written by him and not Mark Tully.

Mark Tully clarifies

In a conversation with Alt News, Mark Tully dismissed the article attributed to him saying, “Over the last 4-5 years, there have been a series of articles put on the internet in my name which I have never written. I have reported this to the Government and have spoken to the Information Minister about this but nothing has been done yet.”

Attributing quotes, letters and articles to public figures has been a persistent trend on social media of late. In this particular instance, the objective was to inject credibility and authority to what is essentially an opinion by a social media user.

(The article researched and written by Jignesh Patel was first published on ALT News)