Amer Ali Khan intensifies reservation campaign, announces visits of districts from Jan 26 to Aug 15

Amer Ali Khan intensifies reservation campaign, announces visits of districts from Jan 26 to Aug 15

Hyderabad: News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily, Mr. Amer Ali Khan announced that he would visit a district every week in order to intensify the campaign for Muslim reservations.

He expected that he would be able to muster support from all political parties and Muslim organizations like Jamat-e-Islami etc.

He launched one day hunger strike and signature campaign to support 12% reservation. He launched the protest campaign in front of Mandal Office Armoor. The function was organized by Mr. Sameer Ahmed, President, Minorities Cell of Congress, Nizamabad District.

Congress, TDP, Communist Parties, Masjid and Eidgah Committees also extended their support. After the hunger strike, a memorandum was submitted symbolically to Ambedkar Statue.

Present on this occasion were Mr. Tahir bin Hamadan, District President of Congress, Nizamabad, Raja Ram Yadav, Congress leader, Mr. Prabhakar, leader of New Democracy, Mr. Dev Ram, CPI leader, Mr. Narasimha Reddy, CPI-M leader, Mr. Gangadhar, former Chairman of Municipal Corporation and the representatives of various organizations.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that Mr. Modi and Mr. KCR are the dream merchants. Both promised to resolve the issues but did nothing. Mr. KCR had promised that he would provide 12% reservation to Muslims within four months of assuming charge in the State by TRS. He has completed 1000 days but he did not fulfill his promise made to Muslims. Govt. has failed to implement double bedroom scheme, allotment of three acre lands to Dalits and other programs.

Protests are being made for reservation for the past three years. Congress, TDP, Communist parties, religious and voluntary organizations extended their full support to this campaign.

Govt. did a good thing by passing a resolution for reservation to Muslims and STs in the Assembly and Council and sent it to the Center. Sachar Committee identified the backwardness of the Muslims and suggested its remedy. In the name of Sudhir Commission of Enquiry, one year was wasted.

In the recently held South India Conclave, Mr. KCR declared to wage a war against the Center if reservations are not provided. Now that Parliament session is starting on 29th January, it remains to be seen how far Mr. KCR sticks to his promise.

He further told that Dr. YSR promised to give 5% reservations to Muslims but after the legal battle, Muslims got 4% reservation. After the formation of TS, it was expected that good days would prevail but it didn’t happen. Prof. Kodandaram and others who had supported Telangana Movement went astray to CM.

Mr. Modi had also promised that Rs. 15 lakh would be deposited in the bank accounts of every citizen but he did not implement it. On the other hand, people were put to inconvenience with the implementation of demonetization and GST.

Mr. Tahir bin Hamdan applauded the services of Mr. Amer Ali Khan who is the spirit behind the reservation campaign. He assured that Congress party would extend its full support to this campaign.

Mr. Raja Ram Yadav, Congress leader told that Modi and KCR are like eclipses for the country. After NDA formed the government, ban was imposed on beef. Intervention is being made in the Shariat of the Muslims. KCR is functioning like the slave of the Brahmins and neglecting other religions and communities.

Chairman of Minorities Dept. of Nizamabad, Mr. Sameer Ahmed told that one day hunger strike and signature campaign was organized at Armour and two thousands signatures were obtained. He mentioned that Mr. Amer Ali Khan launched the campaign from Nizamabad and at his appeal all the political parties and voluntary organizations came to a common platform.

Mr. Narasimha Reddy, TDP leader alleged that KCR cheated the Muslims on the issue of 12% reservation. He assured the support of TDP for this campaign. He also said that KCR is misleading people in the name of survey. Pawan Kalyan is being given red carpet welcome. He is the same person who had opposed Telangana Movement whereas Prof. Kodandaram is being neglected who played a key role in Telangana Movement.

Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali, floor leader of Congress criticized the Govt. Mr. Devamram, leader of New Democracy told that KCR is playing with the Muslims by not providing reservation.

Mr. Prabhakar, CPI-ML New Democracy leader told that 1200 youths have sacrificed their lives for Telangana but only one family is ruling Telangana State. Mr. KCR deviated from his promise to appoint Dalit CM. Mr. Venkat of CPI-M told that all the sections of society are being neglected by KCR.

Present in the meeting were Mr. Ateeq Ahmed, Mr. Haleem, Mr. Shaik Babu, Mr. Khalid, Mr. Faiyaz and others.

Elaborate arrangements were made for the visit of Mr. Amer Ali Khan to Armoor.

—Siasat News