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Anjeer Ki Barfi

Anjeer Ki Barfi


1 Cup Anjeer

3 Tbsp Water

1/2 Cup Condensed Milk

1 tsp Ghee

Cashew nuts finely chopped10-12

2 Tbsp Khus Khus

Almonds finely chopped8-10

1/2 tsp Cardamom Powder

Pistachios finely chopped12-15

Silver varq as required


Soak 1 cup of Anjeer for at least 2 hours.

After soaking grind it to make a paste and keep aside.

Dry roast khus khus in a pan until light golden, followed by Cashew nuts and make a powder out of it.

Melt ghee in a non-stick pan and add the anjeer paste to it.

Add condensed milk and cardamom powder. Mix well on low heat for better cooking.

Now add cashewnut powder and mix it properly with the mixture using spatula.

Mix it till it becomes a sticky paste. Now spread it on a butter paper and level it evenly.

Sprinkle khus khus over it and roll it into the butter paper. Refrigerate it for about 30 minutes.

After refrigeration, open up the paper wrap and slice it to make pieces of any shape.

Serve it at parties or store it for some daily dose of post-dinner desserts.