Apple Macintosh turns 35

Screengrab: ANI

California: Apple CEO Tim Cook recalled the iconic day, on Friday, when the company released its first Macintosh computer thirty-five years ago.

Remembering the day when co-founder Steve Jobs unveiled Macintosh in 1984, Cook wrote on Twitter that today more people than ever are using Mac to follow their passions.

Macintosh, the successor to the failed LISA computer, changed the way people perceived computers.

The first-gen Macintosh, although pricier at USD 2,495, was of a humble configuration in today’s smartphone-era. It came equipped with a Motorola 68000 CPU running at 8HMz with only 128K of RAM. The 9-inch black-and-white monitor featured a 512×342-pixel resolution, and the built-in 3.5-inch floppy drive supported disks that topped out at 400K of storage.

Steve Jobs called the Macintosh “a third industry standard” after the Apple II and IBM Computer. At the launch event, Jobs pulled out the Macintosh out of a bag, and inserted a disk into the 3.5-inch drive and started up the machine. That’s when the first Macintosh said “Hello”.

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