Artificial Intelligence is a bigger threat to humanity than terrorism

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LONDON: Professor Jim Al-Khalili has warned that ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) is a bigger threat to humanity than climate change or terrorism.

According to the incoming president of the British Science Association, AI is more rapid than previously thought and could end up “uncontrolled and unregulated” with development.

“Until maybe a couple of years ago had I been asked what is the most pressing and important conversation we should be having about our future, I might have said climate change or one of the other big challenges facing humanity, such as terrorism, antimicrobial resistance, the threat of pandemics or world poverty. But today I am certain the most important conversation we should be having is about the future of AI. It will dominate what happens with all of these other issues for better or for worse,” said Al-Khalil, Forbes reports.

Al-Khalil issued this warning during a briefing at this year’s British Science Festival in Hull.

Al-Khalil also urged the government to regulate the industry, to protect the citizens from potential threats and risks. “Our government has a responsibility to protect society from potential threats and risks.”

A few months back, Elon Musk, the founder of private company SpaceX said that the rise of artificial intelligence is dangerous. Rashid Rahim, an advisor on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights who works with Amnesty International too issued a warning recently stating that artificial intelligence could murder humans in the future.