Athira Aka Ayesha who embraced Islam ready to return to Hinduism

Athira Aka Ayesha who embraced Islam ready to return to Hinduism
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Kasaragod: 23-year-old Athira who returned as Ayesha after leaving home in July, to embrace Hinduism once again.

According to a report published in The Hindu, Athira Aka Ayesha while addressing media-persons on Thursday said she had realized her mistake and therefore decided to go by her parent’s wish and returned to her original faith.

A post graduate student at Government College in Kasaragod, a Hindu woman Athira is resident of Uduma of Kasaragod district in Kerala.

“I was attracted to Islam through my college-time friends. They first told me about the evils of polytheism practised by Hinduism, prompted me to listen to religious sermons by Muslim scholars and gave me books about Islam,” Ms. Athira told mediapersons.

She denied the allegations of forceful conversion but held that some Popular Front of India (PFI) members had facilitated her conversion.

“Siraj, brother of my friend Aneesa, was the key driving force behind my conversion. It was Siraj who prompted me to leave my home and embrace Islam,” Ms. Athira said.

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Not finding peace at home, Athira deserted her family on July 10 to study Islam.

Athira had left her home leaving behind a 15-page letter that explained her attraction towards Islam and her desire to embrace and keenness to study the religion.

After her father had filed a Habeas Corpus petition, she appeared before Kerala High Court and went with her parents with a condition that she should be allowed to continue her study in Islamic religion and they won’t force her to accept Hinduism.