Attention Hyderabad: From policemen to salesman, ‘Diversion gangs’ sprawling in city

Attention Hyderabad: From policemen to salesman, ‘Diversion gangs’ sprawling in city

Hyderabad: Diversion gangs- Yes, you heard it right the city is no longer safe unlike old times with these diversion gangs sprawling around the city.

From helpful policemen to friendly passerby, eager salesman bringing you exciting amazing offers discounts at your doorsteps, these gangs come up in any form as the crime rate in the city is on the rise in a very short span of time, TT reports.

The latest incident in the city occurred in Vanshthalipuram where a similar gang escaped with the cash box from the staff of a company while they were loading cash in an ATM centre at Panama Crossroads.

According to city police, these gangs are known to follow various modus operandi.

Some of them knock on your doors, pretending to be salesmen and loot women at knifepoint especially homemakers.

Some posing as Policemen pretending to help the elderly loot them too.
“In most of the attention diversion cases, inter-State gangs are involved. And modus operandi differs from gang to gang,” said a senior Special Operations Team official from Rachakonda.

But how does this modus operandi works? Divert the attention of the victim by dropping a few currency notes or sprinkling something on the victim’s shirt or engaging him or her in verbal communication; once the attention of the victim is diverted, make good with the cash bag or gold ornaments.

“The task with probing cases where inter-State gangs are involved is that they are never confined to one place. They come to the city for a few days, loot and immediately leave with the booty. Sometimes, they will be on a spree committing a series of offences,” said an official from the Task Force, Hyderabad.

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