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Australia: Muslim woman’s hijab ripped off; video goes viral

Australia: Muslim woman’s hijab ripped off; video goes viral

Melbourne: A young Muslim Australian woman suffered cuts and bruises when she intervened to save a woman and her child being racially targeted on a train. Fahima Adan, 20, narrates that she was travelling towards Westall train station in Melbourne’s southeast shortly after midday on Saturday when she saw a Muslim woman and her child were confronted.

The video of the incident went viral which shows another woman yelling, “I hate Islam.”

Ms Adan, who took to Facebook to share her experience, states that when she intervened, her hijab was ripped from her head. She lamented that nobody else intervened during the attacks.

She wrote: “Today around 12:20 pm I believe on the train going towards Westall Railway station I was attacked along with another lady & her child, I of almost 30+ on my carriage on the train protected this innocent women and her child against this racist crazy lady who almost could of physically hurt her & the child over her religion, this women ran for her safety away from the lady to the other side of the train leaving her belongings where she was harassed, it really opened my eyes how no one even tried to stop the lady once she jumped towards me trying to take my hijab off, when they saw that it was getting worse and I was fighting back as self defence, this man stopped it half way into the fight, all everyone did was record, I’m so hurt and disgusted that I was even disrespected like that, I’m an Australian citizen, I work and take public transportation just like everybody else, when I got outside the lady continued to harass me and actually took my scarf off me, threw into the bushes and fought with me again, she didn’t only just do that but scratched me in multiple areas on my body during this fight, I’ve been effected and couldn’t no longer go to work, I waited for police to arrive for an hour and a half but never showed up, I feel belittled and disgusted in a country I call “home” I was disrespected in so many ways, this was so wrong and justice never came, it was thrown to the side like it was nothing, I was harassed the night before & a few weeks ago as well and this was the worst one yet, I fear for my safety at this point, I no longer feel safe outside and don’t know what’s next.
Victoria Police
You guys have truly failed me and hope that next time these situations happen, don’t wait for the person to be in a certain extent to make an appearance, these situations need to be taken more serious because now both victims are seriously scared for their safety, one even has a child.
peace & love”.


According to reports, a 39-year-old woman was arrested and charged with assault on Saturday but has been released on bail.

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