Austria: Egyptian artists attacked for wearing hijab

Austria: Egyptian artists attacked for wearing hijab
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Cairo: Two Egyptian artists faced racist attack in European country Austria during the shooting of a drama serial to be aired during the month of Ramadan. Egyptian artists Mina Abdul Ghani and her friend Hiba Abdul Ghani starring in a drama named ‘Fauqas Sahaab’ (beyond the clouds), faced the racist attack for wearing hijab.

According to the artists, some unknown people arrived at the shooting spot and attacked. They assaulted them and vandalised the venue. Showing hate they asked strange questions regarding hijab. They were told that the artists were doing the shooting for a drama serial. Moreover, they have every right to wear any kind of dress they like.

Meanwhile, a taxi driver and the unknown miscreants had a row. One of the men used abusive language on which the ladies warned them of calling the police; after which they fled.

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