Avoid making controversial statements: PM Modi to BJP leaders

Avoid making controversial statements: PM Modi to BJP leaders

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked BJP lawmakers to abstain from making controversial statements before the media. While interacting with MPs and MLAs through NaMo App on Sunday, the PM said party members should not always accuse media of blowing things up, when it was them who give ‘masala’ to media.

“Sometimes our workers blame the media. But have we ever thought that we provide ‘masala’ to media through our own mistakes? Whatever be the issue, we start speaking, as soon as we spot a camera,” ANI reported Modi as saying.

PM’s statement has come at a time when Bharatiya Janata Party members have been widely criticised for making insensitive and controversial remarks.

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He further asked party members to stay away from commenting on sensitive issues. “They’ll (media) obviously use parts of your sentences as per their convenience. It isn’t media which is at fault. We’ll have to control ourselves. Only they must give statements who’ve been given responsibility to do so”, the PM said.

Union minister Santosh Gangwar had on Sunday stirred a controversy by stating that rapes cannot be stopped. “Such incidents [rape cases] are unfortunate but cannot be stopped. The government is vigilant and is conducting the investigation. If one or two such incidents occur in a big country like India, we shouldn’t hype them.”

However, the minister rectified his statement later saying: “Action should be taken even in rare incidents. Centre took quick action yesterday (POCSO Act amendment). I urge media to cooperate and not sensationalise such cases.”