Balochistan’s resources belong to Baloch people: BNC

Balochistan’s resources belong to Baloch people: BNC

Washington: “Balochistan’s resources belong to Baloch people and Pakistan and China have no right to loot, plunder and exploit the Balochistan’s resources against the will and consent of Baloch people”, said Dr. Wahid Baloch, the president of Balochistan National Congress (BNC), in a statement.

Balochistan, an independent state, was forcefully occupied in 1948 by Pakistan’s army and annexed into Pakistan against the Baloch people’s will and mandate, said BNC in a press release.

Since then, Pakistan’s occupying forces have been busy looting and plundering Balochistan’s rich natural resources at gunpoint and now Chinese have also joined in to exploit and rob Balochistan.

According to the release, “We ask the world community to stop Pakistan and China from looting and plundering the Balochistan’s resources until Balochistan’s status as an independent and Free State is restored and Baloch people are able to decide how to use their natural resources for their own benefit and uplifting.”

Pakistan and China are not only busy in robbing Balochistan’s resources, but have also turned it into a dump yard where old ships are dismantled and nuclear tests are carried out illegally and against the consent of Baloch people.

China in its impatience to access Balochistan’s resources is taking a shortcut through Rawalpindi, it added.

“China needs to understand that there has been a major Baloch uprising every decade since neo-colonial Pakistan occupied our sacred land”, said Dr. Baloch.

Pakistan has been successful in keeping the people of Balochistan subjugated, but the latter are determined to throw the Pakistani intruders and occupiers out of their homeland.

As per the release, the BNC asked the world community to support the just cause of Baloch people in their fight for freedom and justice against Pakistan and Iran.

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