Bathukamma Saris as per quality norms, Shailaja nails charge

Bathukamma Saris as per quality norms, Shailaja nails charge
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Handlooms Director Shailaja Rammayyar and Principal Secretary to Industries Jayesh Ranjan today said Bathukumma Saris distribution has been taken up across the State as per plan.

Addressing the media at Secretariat here today, they said they have checked the quality of the saris during production and procured them from Siricilla in Telangana State and Surat in Gujarat State. Shailaja refuted the charges that the saris were of cheap quality as baseless. She asserted that the quality check was done and saris were as per quality norm.

They further said that there is no fault in the structure of sarees prepartion. However the Sarees of Surat are not handloom and sarees manufactured in Sirclla also made on powerloom only. Displayng the sarees of both Sircilla and Surat before  the media persons Shailaj said that every effort and check has been made by the experts both the factory level and also at the distribution point level. The quality of the sarees has been maintained she claimed. However, the Surat sarees cost Rs 200 while the Sircilla Sarees cost Rs. 224, but the Surat sarees are made by the polyester yarn which is more durable and attractive in colour and design.

They refuted the allegations that cheap quality sarees which is costing between Rs 50 to Rs 60 has been procured and being distributed to the whitle card holders. She said that this is the first time that the government has taken up such a massive scheme, in future more care will be taken in procuring the saris for quality. (NSS)