BC Community are being ignored in TS, say BC leaders

BC Community are being ignored in TS, say BC leaders

On Thursday, the BC leaders staged a protest at All India Congress Committee in Delhi, saying the community was being ignored in Telangana State.

The TPCC OBC committee convener, Ashok Goud, said to the media persons that only one community is dominating the Congress and all the tickets are being issued to them.

“The community with only 4.2% of the population is grabbing the 42 seats, then what about the BCs who are more than 50% of the population?” he added.

Mr Goud said, to prevent the injustice to the BCs, the Congress party should announce a chief minister candidate from the BC community.

“This protest will continue until they meet the Congress president Rahul Gandhi and if the BCs are not given priority, the Congress will not have the right to ask for the votes,” said Goud.

Warangal congress leaders staged a protest at the Warangal Party Office demanding nomination of Mr Naini Rajendra Reddy, who worked for Congress for 25 years, instead of handing over the seats to the Telugu Desam.

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