Bella Hadid participates in Anti-Trump Palestinian demonstration

Bella Hadid participates in Anti-Trump Palestinian demonstration
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London: Bella Hadid, a Super Model participated in a protest in London against Donald Trump’s controversial decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
She participated the demonstration for three minutes before being whisked away in her chauffeur-driven car.

Bella Hadid is of Palestinian descent. Her car got stuck behind the protesters who had gathered outside the US Embassy near to Hyde Park.

She video graphed the demonstration on her phone, and then got out and joined the march for a few minutes before jumping back into her car and driving off. She appeared to be enjoying her brief stint as a protester raising her fist into the air.

Donald Trump’s decision is seen as a blatant expression of pro-Israel bias.

The protests also took place in Turkey, Afghanistan, Jordan, Pakistan, Somalia and Egypt. The demonstration later spread to Europe with marches in Berlin, Athens and Brussels as well as London.

Two people were shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the violent clashes which erupted after the announcement of the decision.

So far, the violence had resulted in 767 injuries of which 61 were a result of live ammunition, 200 from rubber bullets, 479 from teargas.

The Gaza-based Islamic militant Hamas, called this week for a third uprising against Israel, but such appeals have fizzled as Palestinians become more disillusioned with their leaders.