Big Boss 11 updates : Akash, Shilpa nominated for eviction

Big Boss 11 updates : Akash, Shilpa nominated for eviction

Mumbai: In Big boss 11 house last night, the nomination process would be carried out and Akash, Shilpa nominated for eviction. The show began with Akash and Arshi’s spat, and the former called Arshi cheap. Arshi then tried her best to befriend Luv to irk Akash.

The housemates all turned against Akash while deciding who they would vote for during the nomination process. During the second half of the episode, both Priyank and Luv bitched about Hina. Priyank said that she is making a mountain out of a molehill over his ‘insecure’ comment.

Arshi had Vikas and Hiten as her attendants, while Hina had Puneesh and Luv at her beck and call. Shilpa, on the other hand, had Priyank and Akash as her personal assistants, according to india today.

As Arshi took full advantage by making Hiten take off his shirt, and jump into the pool with her. She even asked him to put lotion on her hands and give her a massage, while Vikas encouraged her in these activities.

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Shilpa made the boys actually work, while Hina put make-up on Luv and Puneesh, and painted their faces to make them look like females. Hina even gave Luv and Puneesh new names, and addressed them as Kanta and Bilquis.

Bigg Boss then asked contestants to save one participant each from getting evicted. At the end of the process, Luv and Akash were nominated, however captain Vikas was given the power to save one of them and place another contestant in the danger zone. Vikas ended up saving Luv, and nominated Shilpa instead.

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As earlier we know that Bandgi left the BB11 house which makes Puneesh seen crying and saying that he misses being around Bandgi.