Bihar: AIIMS Final year medico rusticated for entering girls Hostel

Bihar: AIIMS Final year medico rusticated for entering girls Hostel
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In an unprecedented incident, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna (AIIMS-Patna) has rusticated a final year MBBS student who reportedly entered a girls hostel being allegedly in a drunken state and in a semi-naked condition after a pre-Holi bash in last week of February.

The pupil who belongs from Kerala left the hostel on March 1 within 24 hours of the rustication order. His parents were immediately informed and a junior student was asked to escort him home.

The AIIMS administrative staff allegedly tried to bury the matter, however, a vigorous protest by the female students who threatened to file a police complaint forced the administration to issue the rustication order on February 28. The AIIMS director said that the medical student was intoxicated with bhang (an intoxicant) and not alcohol.

The 2014 batch medico was about to appear for his final examinations in December 2018. Even as the college administrative spoke of mitigating his sentence, an AIIMs officer claimed that the punitive steps should be taken against the student and he should serve a minimum rustication sentence of six months to one year.

Bihar was declared a dry state on April 5, 2016. Anyone caught in a drunken state can be imprisoned up to 10 years.