BJP cabinet minister’s nephew slapped by a girl over cheating

BJP cabinet minister’s nephew slapped by a girl over cheating
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Dehradun: A video of Uttarakhand’s cabinet minister’s nephew being slapped by a woman for allegedly cheating on her has gone viral on social media.

Harak Singh Rawat, a stalwart in the previous Congress government led by Harish Rawat parted ways to join the BJP in 2016.

As reported by India Today, the minister’s nephew, Ankit Rawat and the woman were allegedly in a relationship for more than one year.

One find day, she discovered he was cheating on her after finding him mingling with several other women in Dehradun.

In the video, the furious girl is seen slapping, punching and kicking Ankit and ask him to make a promise that he will never cheat on other girls in future.

“You wouldn’t even spare my sister,” the girl is seen shouting.

Ankit broke down on camera and wow that he would never cheat on other women in future.

While launching her attack, the girl said you will never call my sister from now on. She also vow to ruin his political ambition.

The incident took place in Banjara Wala area of Dehradun.

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