BJP Chief Amit Shah’s ‘slip of Tongue’, calls his own member corrupt

BJP Chief Amit Shah’s ‘slip of Tongue’, calls his own member corrupt

Mysore: While addressing reporters in Mysuru BJP Chief Amit Shah made a blunder taking his party
member BS Yeddyurappa’s name in place of Congress party’s Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah when speaking about his defeat in Karnataka.

BJP Chief Amit Shah was campaigning today for Karnataka’s upcoming state election on 12 May.

Just moments after wrongly saying his party member’s name, Amit Shah was immediately corrected by Karnataka BJP Chief Prahlad Joshi.

Mr. Shah correcting himself then said, “In a slip of tongue, I said that the Yeddyurappa government is corrupt instead of Siddaramaiah’s, and the entire Congress party started to rejoice. I want to tell Rahul Gandhi that I might have made a mistake but the people of Karnataka will not.”

Amit Shah had previously said, “Recently a retired Supreme Court judge said if there was ever a competition of the most corrupt government then the Yeddyurappa government is number one…”

BJP member Yeddyurappa was forced to step down from his seat in 2011 amidst corruption allegations by Lokayukta Santosh Hegde.

Then in 2016, he was acquitted of charges of accepting bribe worth Rs. 40 crores in mining scam, NDTV reports.