BJP hatches conspiracy to divide secular votes in Karnataka

BJP hatches conspiracy to divide secular votes in Karnataka

Karnataka State will face Assembly Elections next month. Disappointed with the results of the recently held by-elections in other States, BJP has decided to depend on the strategy of the division of votes in Karnataka as it worked in other states.

Despite continuous visits of Amit Shah, BJP has no hopes of its victory in Karnataka. BJP is completely banking upon the image of Narendra Modi. In case, ‘Modi wave’ does not work, BJP is of the opinion that division of secular will benefit it.

According to the reports, BJP has prepared a strategy to float Muslim political party of Hyderabad and also encourage Janta Dal (S) of former Prime Minister Devi Gouda to contest on many seats.

Congress and BJP are the strong contenders in Karnataka whereas JD (S) is the third largest party. Without dividing secular votes, BJP cannot think of its success. The strategy of dividing secular votes in UP, Maharashtra and other states was successful. The same could be tried out in Karnataka also. The contest of political party of Hyderabad could be ensured.

Efforts are being made to prepare both these parties to float Muslim candidates from minority concentration areas. In case, Muslim candidates belonging to both the secular parties contest from such areas, the success of BJP could be ensured.

Karnataka Assembly has 223 seats. The political party of Hyderabad is getting ready to contest on 50 seats. These are the areas where there are a large number of Muslim voters.

The apparent strategy is to create an impression of Muslim-Dalit unity to defeat Congress and BJP. The slogan of Dalit-Muslim would be used against Congress. JD (S) will also float Muslim candidates in Minority Concentration areas. If this happens, secular votes would be divided between these two parties which will also hit Congress and the chances of BJP winning the seats would be enhanced.

During the Congress rule in Karnataka, the Muslims and the secular Hindus are with the Congress. They don’t want BJP rule in Karnataka. During its tenure, Congress took many steps for the welfare of minorities. CM of Karnataka, Mr. Siddaramaiah was successful in maintaining law and order situation. Viewing the role of Congress in curbing the communal forces, Muslims and secular voters of Karnataka are not in favour of BJP rule. BJP has to depend on ‘Modi wave’ and the division of secular votes for its success.

Muslim political party of Hyderabad has already identified minority concentration areas. Very soon, it is going to start an election campaign.

The Muslims of Hyderabad and Karnataka are questioning that in a situation where there is no hope of winning, where is the need for floating candidates in Karnataka.

Karnataka elections are a fight between secularism and communalism. Is it that the political party of Hyderabad has fallen prey to the blackmailing of BJP?

The Muslims of Karnataka have determined to foil the evil designs of BJP and to expose the real face of other parties who claimed to be secular.

–Siasat News

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