BJP leader wants action on pro-Khalistani videos

BJP leader wants action on pro-Khalistani videos

New Delhi: Delhi BJP leader Vijay Jolly on Wednesday complained to the police against some videos on YouTube which, he said, were “glorifying” the Khalistani movement and its leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

He also told Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik to slap sedition charges on those involved in making and circulating the “pro-Bhindrawale” videos.

The complaint to ban such videos was also made to Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani.

The former Delhi legislator said: “I witnessed on YouTube videos glorifying and promoting Khalistani movement and its leader in modern India. I am shocked at the contents since these shall misguide and incite the youth to join the secessionists against the Republic of India. It is against the basic principles of the Constitution.”

Jolly said these videos are freely and recklessly circulating on YouTube which seems to be “promoting secessionist and anti-national activities”.

Citing the example of a video titled “Murh Aawe Bhindrawala” which has over 1.7 million views, Jolly asked Patnaik and Irani to immediately ban all such “anti-national and seditious” videos.

He also demanded from Patnaik that the “anti-social elements” who are found involved in making and circulating such films on social media should be prosecuted under charges of sedition and criminal conspiracy.

Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was the leader of a Sikh organisation Damdami Taksal and a notable supporter of the Anandpur Resolution. He was founder of Khalistan movement, which sought to create a separate country called Khalistan, and was killed in 1984.