BJP men storm Collectorate on T Liberation Day demand

BJP men storm Collectorate on T Liberation Day demand

State BJP workers today laid a siege to the Collectorate here demanding that the State government officially celebrate Telangana Liberation Day on every September 17.

The police arrested BJP leaders, including State party president Dr K Laxman, when they tried to barge into the Collectorate’s main gate as a part of Statewide protest demanding official celebration of September 17 as Telangana Liberation Day. A large number of police personnel were deployed around the district Collectorate to prevent BJP workers from entering the premises.

A larger number of BJP workers led by Dr Laxman and Nalgonda district president Nookala Narsimha Reddy tried to gatecrash into the Collectorate by crossing barricades, were arrested by the police.

Earlier, addressing the party members, Dr Laxman said September 17 has significance in the history of Telangana as the State was liberated from the clutches of Nizam rule on September 17, 1948. Razakars, the unofficial army of Nizam, killed people in several villages of Telangana.
Parakala incident, in which 38 people were killed by Razakars, was similar to Jallianwala Bagh massacre, he said and urged the government to celebrate September 17 officially respecting the sentiments of Telangana people.

Similar protests were also reported from various districts, including Karimnagar, in the State. (NSS)