BJP MP Kiron blames victim for Chandigarh gangrape

BJP MP Kiron blames victim for Chandigarh gangrape

Chandigarh: BJP MP Kiron Kher on Wednesday while speaking at a press conference expressed the recent Chandigarh gang rape could have been avoided if the girl had used her common sense and not boarded an auto with three men on board.

Her shocking remark appears to indicate that the victim is also to be blamed for the crime against her since the crime could have been avoided had she not boarded the auto with his two accomplices.

The Indian Express quoted Kher saying, “Bachchi ki samajhdaari ko bhi main thoda sa kehna chahti hun… saari bachiyon ko.. ki already jab koi teen aadmi baithe hue hain uske andar… to aapko usme bethna nahi chahiye tha….I am saying this to protect the girls……”

Kiron stressed on educating boys to avoid such heinous crimes and girls as well to avoid such crimes and stay alert.

“Hum log bhi kabhi taxi lete the Mumbai mein… to kisi na kisi ko hamare sath hota tha… us se taxi ka number likha dete the.. because we wanted our safety as girls.. I remember as a girl… so mujhe lagta hai hum sab ko aaj kal ke zamane mein in cheezon ke liye sakhat hona padega (Whenever we used to take a taxi in Mumbai, we used to let someone know the taxi number … I feel that in these times, we have to be more careful about these things),” she said recalling her commuting experience.

She added, “Insaan vahishi banta ja raha hai… people should educate their boys. Even in the family, when father doesn’t respect mother, that does create an impact on the kids,” further saying she “really felt sad” for the victim.

The reporters present at the conference asked the Chandigarh MP why the state does not have any woman commissioner and the MP replied, “I am there… women can come to me..,” expressing the union territory does have a woman mayor and a woman SSP, there was no need to have a Mahila Ayog since she is there.

The recent Chandigarh gang rape reportedly occurred in Chandigarh sector 37 when the victim boarded an auto with three men on board to return to her PG accommodation in Mohali after attending her first stenography class. She was later left alone in sector 53 after the auto driver and his two accomplices had committed the heinous act. Some passerby on the street who spotted the victim informed the Police.

Her statement has received severe criticism on Twitter

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