BJP urged the governor to protect democracy in the State

Hyderabad: Telangana BJP today alleged that the premature dissolution of the state assembly without substantive reasons or context reconfirms that the TRS government has always functioning at the whims and fancies of the chief minister.

A BJP delegation led by state party president Dr K Laxman met governor E S L Narasimhan at Rajbhavan this evening and submitted a memorandum seeking his help to take all measures to protect democracy in the state.

In the memorandum, the BJP said four and half years of KCR governance in the state underscores the impulsive and autocratic attitude of the chief minister who has scant respect for constitutional institutions and democratic principles.

The party said political parties and apolitical organisations had to approach the court number of times for police permission to hold meetings pressing for peoples problems. But they were subjugated and intimidated and even high court had to intervene for many times for the permission. How can permission was given to ruling TRS party’s meeting at Kongara Kalan . The way official machinery was misused and how ordinary people had to face problems due to large division of RTC buses for the transportation of the TRS cadre. The outer Ring Road was thrown open to the TRS cadre and ordinary people were not allowed to commute. There is no guarantee that KCR would not repeat the same as the state has now a caretaker government.

The BJP urged the governor to instruct the police officials to refrain from booking false cases or keeping opposition party leaders under house arrest on some pretext or the other when they plan any programme.

The party also requested the governor to instruct all the heads of the government department to function without any fear or favour, not to allow any misuse of power by any political executive.

MlAs G Kishan Reddy, Chintala Ramachandra Reddy, NVSS Prabhakar and others leaders were among the delegation members.