BJP will wrest power in Telangana with Pucca Strategy & Modi wave: Laxman

BJP will wrest power in Telangana with Pucca Strategy & Modi wave: Laxman
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Making it clear that the BJP had no idea of forming government in Karnataka with illegal methods, Telangana BJP chief Dr K Laxman today said Yeddyurappa took office as chief minister with a hope that majority of the MLAs would vote as per their conscience during the trial of strength on the floor of the House on Saturday. He also said neither Yeddyurappa nor the BJP had any idea of grabbing power by immoral practices.

Speaking after admitting TRS leader and former MPTC Ratan Reddy of Karanji village under Jainath mandal in Adilabad on Sunday, Dr Laxman said Yeddyurappa had immense faith in democratic values and proved his dignity by tendering resignation immediately after the trial of strength. He pointed out that the power-crazy Congress leaders made a mockery of democracy by herding MLAs into buses and hijacking them to Hyderabad without the knowledge of their family members even. Their heinous method to retain power by the hook or the crook reveals their lust for power and greed, he added.

Referring to the unholy alliance between the Congress and the JDS, Dr Laxman said once foes have turned into friends just for the sake of power for which the chief ministers of the two Telugu States played their roles in preventing the BJP from wresting power in that State. However, the wise people in the country were hopefully looking towards the BJP for their welfare and would not give support any political fronts on the eve of 2019 elections.

The State BJP president said the ganging up of Congress, JD-S and support from the two Telugu States clearly proves that the Congress, TRS and the TDP would enter into an unholy electoral alliance on the eve of the ensuing elections. Pointing out that the people in 21 States in the country gave mandate to the BJP, Laxman said the BJP would go it alone in the ensuing panchayat, Assembly and Lok Sabha elections and retain power comfortably. (NSS)