BJP woman leader attacks government over Unnao incident

BJP woman leader attacks government over Unnao incident

Lucknow: Facing all-round fire over the alleged gang rape of a woman by a ruling party legislator and the subsequent death of victim’s father in police custody, the BJP government faced yet another embarrassment on Wednesday when its women leader Deepti Bhardwaj slammed the conduct of the state government on the incident.

In a series of tweets, Bharadwaj, who is also on the media panel of the party, said the conduct of the government was very dismaying and that the blot of Unnao incident would never be washed away.

She further said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was voted to power with absolute majority with the support of women voters who thought that they would be safe under the party’s rule. But, the reverse was happening, she rued.

Bhardwaj also tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party chief Amit Shah in her vocal tweets.

She further told media persons that no one was bigger that Amit Shah in the party and that being the reason, she thought it proper to inform him about the disgrace coming to the party due to such incidents.

“This is a big failure of the UP government as we fought for the respect and honour of women, but it is all at stake to save an influential person (Unnao MLA Kuldeep Singh Senger),” she said.

Bharadwaj also forewarned party leadership that such incidents, which had started surfacing of late, could derail their dreams of a win in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

She also tweeted some Hindi couplets, which translated into English mean that “we have risked our lives, have become our own enemies; by respecting his wish, we have made a mockery of ourselves”.

The blistering attack on the party leadership by one of their own was made at a time when party President Amit Shah was in the state capital.